Each lecture has its associated readings listed under the link to the lecture material. Assignments and their scheduling is subject to change throughout the semester.

This class is split into three sections: Pythonic Foundations, Data Science, and Web Development.

0 1/20 Python Basics HW0
1 1/27 Data Structures and Algorithms
2 2/03 Pythonic Programming HW1
3 2/10 Exceptions, Modules and Files
4 2/17 Machine Learning with NumPy and Sci-Kit Learn HW2
5 2/24 Natural Language Processing with NLTK
6 3/03 Deep Learning with Keras/Tensorflow HW3
7 3/10 REST APIs with Flask
8 3/17 Full Stack Development with Django HW4
9 3/24 Relational Databases and Security HW5
10 3/31 Cloud Computing with Docker
11 4/07 Lightning Lectures [TBD] Final Project
12 4/21 Course Wrap-Up


A variety of handy guides to quickly get yourself up and running:

Useful Python Resources Guide
Unix Commands Guide
Installing Python Guide
Git Reference Guide
Virtual Environments Guide