Each lecture has its associated readings listed under the link to the lecture material. Schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

This class is split into three sections: Pythonic Foundations, Data Science, and Web Development.

Week 0 Python Basics Notes
Week 1 Data Structures and Algorithms Notes
Week 2 Pythonic Programming Notes
Week 3 Exceptions, Modules and Files Notes
Week 4 Machine Learning with NumPy and Sci-Kit Learn Notes
Week 5 Natural Language Processing with NLTK Notes
Week 6 Deep Learning with Keras/Tensorflow Notes
Week 7 REST APIs with Flask Notes
Week 8 Full Stack Development with Django Notes
Week 9 Relational Databases and Security Notes
Week 10 Cloud Computing with Docker Notes
Week 11 Lightning Lectures [TBD] Notes
Week 12 Course Wrap-Up Notes


A variety of handy guides to quickly get yourself up and running:

Unix Commands Guide
Installing Python Guide
Git Reference Guide
Virtual Environments Guide