CIS 192: Python Programming

Final Project

Due December 22nd at 11:59 PM


The moment you have been waiting for: the final project. Create whatever you want to build; I hope by now you can see that you can do anything in Python! You are allowed to work with a partner and the project must be roughly be of a similar scale to one of the homework assignments. We encourage you to build something you can show off! Feel free to discuss project ideas with the instructor or TAs at office hours.

Submission Requirements

  1. One class definition (with at least two magic methods)
  2. Two first-party packages (e.g. json, time)
  3. Two third-party packages (e.g. Django, Tensorflow/Keras)
  4. In-line documentation (i.e. comments in code)
  5. (installation instructions, code structure)
  6. A video walking through the final project (running) and a walkthough of the code requirements.

And that's all, folks!

These notes were written by Arun Kirubarajan. All rights reserved.

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